Wye Valley Castles of the Marcher Earls

Hereford, Chepstow, Goodrich, Raglan

A five-day tour exploring the Wye Valley castles of the Marcher Earls
Led by Dr Rob Jones

Marlborough's Triumphs in Belgium

Ramillies, Oudenarde & Malplaquet

A 3-night tour visiting the sites of Marlborough's battles in Belgium
Led by James Falkner
Picture courtesyof Mary Evans / The Everett Collection

Thomas Hardy's Wessex

Salisbury, Dorset, Weymouth, Poole, Stonehenge

A three-night tour discovering the life and inspiration of one of England’s finest authors
Led by Harriet Still

The Wars in Ireland

Boyne, Athlone, Aughrim, Limerick

A 3-night tour examining key sites from the the historical wars in Ireland
Led by Barry Hilton
Picture courtesy Mary Evans / Library of Congress

The Jacobite Rebellions in Scotland

Killiecrankie, Glencoe, Fort William, Culloden

A 3-night weekend expert-led history tour exploring the Jacobite Risings of the 17th and 18th centuries in Scotland
Led by Barry Hilton
Picture courtesy of Mary Evans Picture Library

Welcome to Promenades Travel and our expert-led, small-group history holidays

Are you fascinated by British history? Promenades Travel is a specialist tour operator that creates expert-led short breaks exploring some of the most important periods in Britain's past.

Tours are led by historians and authors who guide you round the battlefields, castles and churches where British history was made, bringing you illuminating insight into the people and politics that shaped the most memorable events.

Our small-group tours are welcoming for solo travellers and couples who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of a subject, and we offer alternative activities if you're travelling with a partner who doesn't share your passion for the past.

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Our new short breaks see us exploring the impact of the Cistercian Monks in Yorkshire, The Wye Valley Castles of the Marcher Earls, and we head to Belgium to understand the British experience on the Western Front and remember's the Duke of Marlborough's victories against the French. See our tour timetable here

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