​The joys of armchair travel

Old-style map of Scottish Highlands
One of the best ways to travel - is in our minds. 

In our current restricted circumstances, what better way to experience the joys of travel than allowing evocative maps and stunning images to get our travelling juices going?

At Promenades Travel our aim is to inspire you to make that mental note: ‘I must go there…’  We want to provoke your thoughts. 

We can transport ourselves in our minds to those places we may have often thought about – that is the power of our imagination. 

We can travel virtually to a location or landscape we may have read about or visited many years ago. 

We want to learn more about the events that happened there and the people who tramped those fields and lanes or city streets and wondered what or who was across the next hedgerow or round the next corner. 

That great fascination is captured in the idea that without a knowledge of history, we are like a leaf that does not know it is part of a tree!

The bucket-list concept came out of the thought that there are a number of places, scenes, locations one has to see before one dies. There are sites and sights I simply have to see...

Maps and virtual travelling have been important for centuries. Commanders and generals would pore over maps, however limited, wondering where the enemy may be, what physical state they could be in, and where would be the best location to confront them. 

Think of Wellington and Marlborough, riding their horses, staff all around them and with potential battle sites in their pockets. Or Lee and Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley scouting for the Union Army across the Mason-Dixon line…

We understand the excitement of a map. So we've commissioned our own for all our tours. You can enjoy our first designs for Marlborough's Victories in Belgium and the War of the Three Kings in Ireland. The map at the top of this page if a sneek preview of the artwork for our new tour on the Jacobite Risings in Scotland

So study a map, think of a place, let your imagination take you there. Old maps take us back in time – they were frequently called a ‘true map’ of a site. 

When we scan them, interrogate them, we are immediately there and captured by the mystery and excitement of that time and place – which when lockdown ends an expert with his or her deep knowledge can truly bring to life and into sharper focus for us.

Has armchair travel left you yearning for the real thing? With the lockdown easing and our 100% cancellation guarantee, you can book a Promenades Travel today with the confidence of a full refund if your tour can't go ahead. Visit our tours page for full details.