Alternative activities for partners

Lady in hat exploring old town
One of the biggest hurdles for people taking part in history holidays is how to keep your partner happy if they don’t share your passion for the past.

Our specialist tours are profound experiences. We explore empty fields to imagine past battles. Examine relics to set a scene. Use our imagination to picture a room of plotters.

And this is no fun for someone who doesn’t share your appetite for antiquity.

So if your partner doesn’t love history like you do, it can be a toss up between twisting their arm to join a tour but knowing they won’t have a good time, or convincing them to stay at home while you enjoy your break away. Not a great set of options.  

We solve this problem by creating a programme of events and activities for partners on every tour. 

This means that if they don’t want to take part in the expert-led tours, they’ll have plenty of alternatives to make their own break special. 

And for those times when the group is not traipsing across battlefields or reimagining sieges, we’ll organise get togethers, evening meals and events where everyone is welcome. This starts with an ice-breaker on your first night. 

Best of all, as partners are not taking part in the specialist tours, they can book their break for a lower price.

Here’s an example of our programme for partners. These always vary by tour and duration, so check our tour pages for full details. 

Daytime fun

Breakfast is included with all our tours, so you’ll both start the day with a visit to the hotel restaurant. 

Most of our breaks are based in historic city locations and our hotels are centrally located, so your partner is free to explore while we are visiting historic sights. There is no set pattern or timetable for this part of the visit, so they can see the sights or spend the day in the way that appeals most to them. 

For each tour we provide a rundown of the most famous attractions near the places we stay. From shopping to sightseeing, gardens to galleries, or walking tours to tasty treats, there is so much to see and do. 

And the ice-breaking events give you the chance to get-to-know other non-touring partners who may want to team up and spend a day together.   

Or, your partner could simply spend the day relaxing at our base. The hotels we have chosen are typically four-star with a great range of facilities that usually include pools and spas, so they can enjoy a day of leisure before meeting back up with the group when we return from our tours.

For most breaks we also set aside the final morning as time for you to explore the city under your own steam, giving couples a chance to get out together.   

Every city has its own unique attraction and we won’t attempt to summarise them here. Simply head over to our tours pages for ideas of local attractions that we think your partner will love. 

Evening meals and activities

First evening: the group dines together at our hotel. The ice-breaking event takes part in a private area and is a great chance for all members of the group to get to know each other. Our expert guide will give a colourful background to the tour, introducing some of the key personalities, stories, politics and military battles that the touring group will see in the coming days.

Second evening: the group will eat together again, either at the hotel or a local restaurant. We’ll provide a general knowledge quiz – we promise no history! – for all to enjoy.

Third evening: after dinner, an expert sommelier will lead a tasting event to discover wines and other specialities from the local area.

Fourth evening: as this is our final night, there will be an end of tour dinner with your guide providing a summary of the sites and sights we’ve seen during the past few days. As with every evening, there will be a chance to quiz the guide about the tour subject.