Reading ideas for War of Three Kings in Ireland

William III at the Battle of the Boyne
We asked Barry Hilton, our expert guide for the War of Three Kings in Ireland tour, to tell us about his favourite books on the subject. It's a comprehensive list, but he suggests any of the following are a good place to start.

Battle of the Boyne, Michael McNally
This book describes the events that led to the momentous battle on 1 July that would decide the fate of the crown of England.

Fighters of Derry, William R Young 
This works tells the story of the men who played prominent parts in this great epic and subsequent campaign down to the fall of Limerick. There are individual accounts of eminent protagonists and background given to many of the most influential families involved in the conflict.

Kingdom Overthrown, Ireland and the Battle for Europe, Gerard Fitzgibbon
Driven by first-hand accounts of soldiers and officers in both the Williamite and Jacobite armies, Kingdom Overthrown provides the historical context following Charles II's rise to power, charts the central phase of the war, and outlines the social, political and cultural consequences of the war. 

The Battle of Aughrim, Michael McNally
McNally brings to life the personalities and events of the bloodiest day in Irish history and the decisive battle of the Williamite War. Placing the battle firmly in the context of the wider campaign, and of early modern European power politics, he uses eyewitness testimony to reconstruct the events and reveal just how close to defeat the Williamites came.

The Battle of the Boyne, Harman Murtagh
Using maps, portraits, illustrations and aerial photographs, this guide to the battlefield describes the political manoeuvrings that led to the battle, the course of the fighting and the tactics employed by both sides. 

The Boyne and Aughrim, The War of the Two Kings, John Kinross
Describing the political events which led up to the campaign, then examining the military tactics and armies that made up the two sides. 

The Siege of Derry, Carlo Gébler
Gebler's book thrillingly discusses the events leading up to the siege of Derry and the heroic struggles within and outside the city as the five-month battle waged.

The Siege of Derry, The Military History, Richard Doherty
More than half of Derry's population died during King James' siege. This book uncovers the acts of courage, explains how the Jacobites might have achieved success, and probes the myths that have grown up around the siege.

The Williamite Wars in Ireland, John Childs
More significant than the set-piece battles and sieges in determining the outcome of the war in Ireland were the 'small war' of patrols, raids, occupation of captured regions by small garrisons, police actions against irregulars and attacks on supply lines. Childs argues that the struggle was typical of the late-seventeenth century and  principally decided by economic resources and attrition.

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