Julian Humphrys on his English Civil War tours

Julian Humphrys spent 12 years at Chelsea’s National Army Museum, led English Heritage’s Battlefield hikes programme and is now development director at the Battlefields Trust, the UK Charity preserving Britain’s historic battlefields.

As leader of our English Civil War tours in Oxford and Bath, we asked him to tell us about his tour highlights, and how guests can make the most of their visit. 

What can a customer expect from their tours with you?
Whether it’s battlefields or buildings we’ll take people to the very spots where history was made. I hope the tours will be Informative but also entertaining. I like to give people the space to reflect on what they’ve seen and heard and try not to bombard people with facts – after all there’s always the opportunity to discuss things in more depth in the bar or restaurant when we get back to the hotel.

What drives your interest in the Civil War?
I studied the Civil Wars at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. I see it as an immensely important period in our history in so many ways – socially, constitutionally and, of course, militarily - and wherever you go in this country there’s a good chance that something related to it happened there.

What are your favourite sites or highlights from the tours?
We’re visiting some superb sites on the tours. Roundway Down is particularly dear to my heart. It’s a quite stunning site and I’ve done a lot of research on it over the years. I also have a soft spot for Broughton Castle – fascinating place, fascinating family. Finally, I couldn’t think of two better cities as bases for the tours than Oxford and Bath.

What is your favourite part of the job?
I’d probably go to these wonderful sites in my spare time so I feel very lucky to be able to visit them as part of my job. I’d say I’m a pretty enthusiastic person so it’s great when I can see my clients sharing that enthusiasm. I also like the fact that I never know what people are going to ask me. Their questions help me develop my talks and presentations and often draw attention to things I’d never thought about before.

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