A reading list for Marlborough's Victories in Belgium

Battle of Ramilies - one of Marlborough's Victories in Belgium
Our specialist tour discovering Marlborough's Victories in Belgium is led by James Falkner, a renowned historian and expert on the War of the Spanish Succession. 

James has spent years studying the period and has written many of the leading books on the subject. We asked him to recommend a reading list that best covers this explosive period. 

Great and Glorious Days, James Falkner
This book is a comprehensive account of the Duke of Marlborough's great victories over the French in Belgium - triumphs that changed the course of European history.

Falkner examines the grand strategic moves that led to Marlborough gaining a reputation as the greatest military leader of the age, and also looks at the more intimate details of camp life. 

Chapters cover Marlborough's early life, explain the background to the wars and then describe each of the major battles in detail, examining critical moments and also describing the battlefields as they are today. 

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Marlborough's Wars, Eyewitness Account, James Falkner
How was the Duke of Marlborough viewed by those who served under him and fought against him?

Falkner uses first-hand accounts of the Duke of Marlborough's most famous battles to create a panoramic yet minutely detailed picture of those turbulent years told by those men and woman who took part. 

He includes memoirs, letters, official documents, despatches, newspaper reports and eyewitness testimony to tell the story from both the French and Allied sides of the conflict, and analyses the strategy and tactics of warfare at the time.

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Wars of Marlborough, Frank Taylor
Taylor's two volume series covers Marlborough's wars from 1702 to 1709, providing a comprehensive history of the campaigns and experiences of those who who took part in the marches and battles across Europe. 

He describes in detail many of the earliest and most highly regarded campaigns carried out by the regiments of the British Army, providing an excellent study in military command.

Marlborough: His Life and Times, Winston Churchill
In this four book series Winston Churchill details the life of his ancestor, John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, thought he period of the English Restoration and Europe in the time of Charles II.

This is a study of one of the greatest military commanders in England's history of England, but also a review of political and battlefield tactics by one of the most famous leaders of modern times.

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Picture credit: Mary Evans / Library of Congress  

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