Solo travel with Promenades Travel

Solo traveller on history tour
Travel broadens the mind. A well-known cliché but a cliché because it contains a truth.

At Promenades Travel we recognise the huge importance of travel for us as human beings – the need we all have as individuals to get out and see the world, to take whatever risks a journey may entail in order to adapt and overcome those risks. Even managing the logistics of getting to a start-point be it by plane, train or car – is all part of the journey… and overcoming that challenge gives us a significant sense of achievement.

Perhaps even harder to do is travelling solo. No-one to double-check for you, no-one to bounce ideas or queries off. On the other hand, no compromises, entirely suit yourself – travel when you need and want to.

At Promenades Travel we welcome solo travellers. And where possible we have eliminated the dreaded single person supplement. We focus on small group tours with an expert guide on hand to answer any question you may have. Our group sizes are 5-10. Our goal is to provide a learning environment where guests can investigate a subject in depth and really get to understand a location, an event, a personality.

There is always the argument that one can do this by one’s self – with a good book or smartphone in your hand. Of course that can be done. But it is so much more fun and a richer experience to do it with a group of like-minded individuals led by someone who can really get across a subject. Insights from other individuals can sometimes be more memorable and compelling than anything you read by yourself.

Let us show you what a great experience it can be – see our list of Study Days and Short Breaks.  Although we take every subject seriously, we never forget it is your holiday, your free time and your hard-earned money and we want to give you an enjoyable time that you will remember with pleasure and delight.