Why Go On A Study Day?

We have been running a series of Study Days over the Winter of 2021 and 2022. 

These give guests the opportunity to meet guides who may be hosting longer Tours during the Year. As we specialize in small groups, this creates the chance to really investigate a particular subject or question – something that is not always possible with a larger group and limited time.

The motivation to go on a Study Day is always to learn more about a particular subject. It is the chance to ask an expert host a detailed question that may have been ‘bugging’ you for a while. Or it is the chance to see the exact place where a writer invented a character or set a scene – or a building where a treaty was signed or a war was launched…

On a Study Day you can enquire deeper into a topic – and a story or an anecdote in reply can often lead to the inner response ‘I didn’t know that…’

Most guests who take a Tour or come on a Study Day already have knowledge or interest in a subject. They may well have read a background novel or a piece of history that sets an event in context. But what makes these days worthwhile is the chance to quiz an expert on how and why a book was written or an episode occurred – and above all to see the location where these moments took place.

At Promenades Travel, we believe there is no substitute for actually being on the ground in the place where something happened in the past. And with someone to interpret this for you, to point out features you may otherwise miss, to tell you in effect what you are looking at – that is the value that a Study day or a short break can bring. The stones, the landscapes, the views  can speak – if we are prepared to listen – and no amount of Zoom, or armchair research or background reading  can substitute for that…!