Barry Hilton

Acclaimed writer and historian
Barry Hilton has dedicated more than 25 years to military history, with a focus on the periods between 1670 and 1720.
Barry Hilton is an expert, writer and researcher on Scottish history, and has spent a lifetime researching, writing and modelling the armies and characters, military and political of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. 

A proud Scot, he is passionate about the contribution made by Scottish soldiers in conflicts in Scotland, Ireland and on the continent. 

He has written widely about the Jacobite Risings, the Highland clans and the battlefields of Killiekrankie and Culloden and the massacre at Glencoe. 

Barry leads our tour, The Jacobite Rebellions, uncovering how supporters of King James II and his descendants orchestrated a series of rebellions in Scotland in an attempt to regain the thrones of England and Scotland. 
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He is also an authority on the wars of King William III, with particular focus on the campaigns in Ireland between 1688 and 1691, and published guides to both Jacobite and Williamite armies at Derry, The Boyne, Cork and Aughrim, plus pieces on lesser known battles of the period. 

As the expert leading our War of the Three Kings in Ireland tour, he examines how James II, William III and Louis XIV battled for control of the country. 
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For all the subjects he covers, Barry has walked and photographed the battlefields and explored the 'hallowed grounds'. He is proud to have been allowed access to the original padlocks and keys of the Gates of Derry, and to artefacts belonging to the hero Adam Murray. 

Barry is part of a wider group of researchers, historians and authors working on a better understanding of this defining period in British and Irish history. 

By day, Barry runs an international consultancy company which affords the opportunity to visit many interesting military history locations across the world.

He spends his time painting, writing, gaming and walking battlefields, and is fascinated by the battles, uniforms, tactics, personalities and politics that dominated the period. His blog, The League of Augsburg, is highly respected.

Barry is pictured below "defending the north gate of Hougoumont" at Chateau Goumont - in the absence of the Coldstream Guards!