John Sadler

Military history specialist with over 25 years of leading tours
John Sadler has been leading tours of the Anglo Scottish Borders, Jacobites, Civil Wars, Wars of the Roses and Hadrian’s Wall for more than 25 years. 

By birth, he is an Anglo-Scottish border cross, Douglas on his mother’s side and born in Berwick upon Tweed which is far more Scottish than English.

John leads our tour of the Romans along Hadrian's Wall, looking at how the force that dominant Europe impacted and influenced life in Britain. See the tour here

From an early age he has been obsessed with the Highlands and Borders, and one of his earliest memories is of a visit to the battlefield at Culloden. 

Since then he has travelled, walked, ridden and driven over most of the ground and looked at every battlefield, hillfort, broch, dun and castle, led an eclectic mix of groups, collected, used and demonstrated Scottish weapons from the Bronze Age to Doune pistols. 

An established author, his books have been the subject of an exhibition at the Scottish Parliament and are sold in just about every visitor centre. He narrated  series' on the Scottish Clans for BBC Scotland and appeared as a historical interpreter in Edinburgh and Stirling Castles and at Culloden Battlefield Centre.