Mike Ingram

Chair of the Northampton Battlefields Society
A historian, author and lecturer who has written books on Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth
Mike Ingram is a historian, author, lecturer and tour guide with many years experience of leading tours for organisations such as the Armed Forces, The Battlefields Trust and the Naseby Battlefield Project. He writes for a variety of magazines such as Medieval Warfare and has talked about historical subjects on on TV and local radio.

His latest book, The Battles and Battlefields of Northamptonshire, was written with Graham Evans and published on 1 May 2020.

Mike Ingram leads Wars of the Roses: the decisive battle, examining the battles of Northampton and Bosworth, which lead to the ends of two kings. 
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His previous book, Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth, was widely praised:
"The French Connection that has been brought to light by the research of battlefield expert Mike Ingram in his new book: Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth, is hugely significant not only for our understanding of Bosworth but also for the wider political situation at the time, and its many ramifications. This is an important step forward in our understanding of this key period within the Wars of the Roses and in helping to challenge the mythology of the later Tudor narrative. For all those interested in Richard III and Bosworth, it is highly recommended," Philippa Langley, of the Richard III Society
"Well worth investing in for Mike’s fantastic research. The most up to date account of the Battle of Bosworth," Matthew Lewis, best selling author of Richard III, Loyalty Binds Me
"This is a VERY good book. As comprehensive on the Battle of Bosworth as it can get. Do go grab your copy," the Henry Tudor Society

Earlier books include 'The Battle of Northampton 1460' and 'Battle Story: Bosworth 1485.'

Mike is the current chair of the Northampton Battlefields Society, which has successfully blocked numerous attempts to build on the Northampton 1460 battlefield and significantly raised its profile. 

He also led the campaign to repair and protect Northampton's Queen Eleanor Cross. In addition, Mike is a trustee, the lead historian and guide for the Naseby Battlefield Project. 

​In 2014 he was awarded a community star award for his work protecting the 1460 battlefield and in 2016 was awarded the Battlefields Trust Presidents Award for outstanding battlefield protection and interpretation.