We care about your partner too

It's a conundrum we see all the time. You want to take part in a specialist history holiday to really get to grips with a period you love, but your partner or travelling companion just does not share your passion for the past and would be bored by the tours. 

And if they don't come, it's tough for you to justify the break too. 

So, Promenades Travel is the only history holiday operator to offer reduced rates for partners who want to skip the tours and enjoy the hotel and explore our city base at their own speed. 

They'll have plenty of leisure time to enjoy the hotel's facilities, usually including swimming pools and spas (extra charges may apply). 

And as our tours are based in some of the UK's most fascinating cities there are no end of sights and attractions for your loved one to explore. 

Plus, every tour includes evening activities for all our guests. Typically, these include group dinners, wine-tasting with a sommelier and a quiz. Our expert guides will also provide a general introduction to the tour subject and their interest in it. 

Take a look at our individual tour page for more information.

We'll also arrange a coffee morning so non-touring partners can meet each other and make plans for the days ahead.

Each evening, we organise group activities where all guests are welcome. These can include meals, quizzes, talks from our experts and food and wine tasting that give you a flavour of the region we are visiting.

This is a wonderful way to meet other members of the group in a relaxed and friendly setting.