Our aim is to create small-group tours that combine knowledgeable experts, outstanding hotels and a high level of service throughout. Below is a selection of customer comments - we'll be adding to these as more tours take place through the year. 

"The entire tour, from the first trip to the Lansdown battle site to Newbury and all the visits in between, was full of interest, education and great company. Made memorable with an absolutely superb guide, Mr Julian Humphrys, who is brimming over with passion, knowledge and energy (he also has a very good sense of humour) 
The English Civil Wars: War in the West

A really enjoyable time. Julian Humphrys, provided an excellent explanation of the battlefields and relevant events. The hotel was of a high standard, comfortable and serving traditional quality food and refreshments.  
Meirion Hughes on The English Civil Wars: War in the West

"We visited a great selection of beautiful churches. The lovely small group meant there was lots of personal attention and the programme was designed well to give lots of time to enjoy each church. At no point was the tour and everything, including after-dinner conversation, was stitched together seamlessly by Sam Harper, who was more than generous with her knowledge."
The Medieval Churches of Herfordshire

"It was just a brilliant day, well planned and well guided. Lots to keep you interested all day." 
Roy G on Princes, Preachers & Jacobites

"It was a good, informative and interesting day that ran to plan. The pianist in the Cathedral was an unexpected bonus!"
Julie M on Princes, Preachers & Jacobites

"An excellent day! Promenades Travel had secured a really enthusiastic Tour Guide in Harriet Still who had previously worked with National Trust at Hardy’s Birthplace and Max Gate and is currently curating a new Hardy Exhibition at Dorset County Museum. There was plenty of walking, but still time for an excellent lunch!"
Jeremy H. on Hardy's Casterbridge

"It was all wonderful. The organisation and Barry the guide were excellent, and I loved the small group size and intimacy of the group. I saw and learned a lot and my accommodation was top notch." 
David A. on the Jacobite Risings in Scotland

"I really enjoyed the tours and learning experience, but it was the camaraderie amongst the group and the interaction with the tour manager and expert guide that made it a memorable and special trip for me. Highly recommended." 
Julie B. on the Jacobite Risings in Scotland

"The tour gives you an excellent understanding of the Jacobite Risings and a brilliant holiday." 
Roy G. on the Jacobite Risings in Scotland

"A great break packed with lots of of historical information, but paced in a way that was relaxed and enjoyable." 
Maria F. on the Medieval Churches of the Cotswolds

"Samantha was brilliant. I learnt a lot, can't wait for the next one."
Lynda D. on the Medieval Churches of the Cotswolds

"Very enjoyable. Sam is an excellent guide and gives information and pointers to allow the participants to understand and read the churches for themselves." 
Carol C. on the Medieval Churches of the Cotswolds

"This was a great experience for anyone drawn to read the churches, and it's just lovely to share this experience with a knowledgeable expert and other people on the tour."
Roy G. on the Medieval Churches of the Cotswolds